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The Boyfriend App - Katie Sise I had started seeing a lot of bloggers receiving this fantastic looking and interesting book for review and discovered Edelweiss for the first time. I was extremely excited to find another site that offered bloggers the chance to read upcoming titles and The Boyfriend App was my first acceptance. YAY! Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed this unique look into the trog world of a teenager with unlimited possibilities at her fingertips. Ms Sise’s debut was a wonderful read with strong characters and an interesting world where technology is a priority.Audrey McCarthy is just like a typical teenager, although she has an itch for hacking and creating computer code. The biggest love of her life is Hector her computer. Three years ago there was a tragic accident and Audrey’s Father was killed at work, R Dawkins Tech. Since then Audrey and her Mother obviously haven’t been the same and that is also when her relationship with her best friend, Blake decided to take a turn for the worse. Blake and Audrey had a massive fight and have been enemies ever since.Blake has become a bully and Audrey is her number one victim. An announcement came over the loudspeakers that a new competition is starting with Public (a company like Apple or Samsung). This competition provides two winners with $200,000 college scholarships and supplies the school students with new edition phones. To enter, a mobile app has to be created and the most popular and most innovative apps will win.Audrey’s new group of best friends include Aidan, Mindy and Nigit and they are all excited over the opportunities that this competition can give the winners. Audrey was excited to start brainstorming ideas for her app. This is Audrey’s main focus, to win so she can attend college.With Homecoming around the corner, the focus on finding dates came up and this gave Audrey an idea. What if she can create an app that will help people find their perfect match?? And so begins the details and the programming of this unique and brilliant idea.The testing of The Boyfriend App 1.0 began and it seemed to have some success. With the help of her cousin, Lindsay, the App started moving up the ladder. But, Audrey’s excited came a little early, things started to go downhill and her numbers dropped and dropped.What was Audrey to do now? Can she change her App somehow and make it go back up the ladder? Can Audrey use her own App to find herself the perfect boyfriend? What about Aidan the guy she has secretly had the hots for three years? Or is it Xander, the guy all the girls in school lust after?Between being bullied by Blake, getting humiliated multiple times at school and trying to win her scholarship, Audrey has her work cut out for her. Follow Audrey through coding and hacking to find out the secret software that Public has hidden on all teens phones and see if she can go up against Public and win. My only issue with The Boyfriend App is all the computer jargon, but this is a personal detail that I couldn’t understand all of. As a debut it was fantastic and I cannot wait to read what Ms Sise publishes next.