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A Shade Of Vampire

A Shade of Vampire (A Shade Of Vampire, #1) - Bella Forrest Well, all I can say is HOLEY MOLEY, that was awesome! I have no idea why I haven’t read this book sooner, it is amazing. It is only fairly short at 150 odd pages, but it was full of story and unbelievably awesome characters. I cannot wait to read book 2, A Shade of Blood and book 3, A Castle of Sand comes out June 26th. I will have snavelled that one up by the time you read this review. A Shade of Vampire was extremely well written, with fast pace and unique world building that I read it in a day. Highly addicted to the characters, I had to find out what was going to happen with Sofia, Derek and Lucas.Sofia is a 17 year old that has no parents. She is staying with her best friend, Ben and on her 17th birthday Sofia is abducted. Sofia couldn’t stand seeing Ben with another girl any longer and had to take a walk along the beach that night. BIG MISTAKE!Sofia wakes up in a dark cell with hay under her feet. Thinking she is in a dungeon and frightened out of her mind, Sofia doesn’t know what to expect. Lucas walks in and pushes her up against the wall; he wants to claim her for himself, but she is to belong to the Prince of the vampire coven, Derek. Derek has been awakened from a four hundred year slumber and needs a harem of young 17 year old girls to keep him occupied.The Shade is a sanctuary for vampires; an island that is hidden from everybody and everything. No satellites or maps know about this island and it is hidden forever in darkness by a witches spell. There are hunters trying to kill off the vampire race and as such, The Shade was created.Sofia is introduced with four other girls to Derek. Since being asleep for four hundred years, he is obviously starving for blood. But there seems to be a connection between Sofia and Derek that is unbelievable to all, even themselves. They form a bond of sorts and Sofia becomes Derek’s personal slave; this has its benefits but also its dangers. Lucas is still determined to have Sofia for himself and will scare her to death if she says a word to anyone about his visits.Derek is extremely protective of Sofia and will give her whatever she desires (except for freedom obviously). There is a prophecy that Derek is to lead the vampire race to peace, but he has no idea why he would be the chosen leader when Lucas is older.Sofia is a brilliant character, she is full of attitude and passion and patience. Still determined to escape eventually, she is starting to have feelings for Derek who has his own passion and humanity. The characters have such growth throughout A Shade of Vampire and with full on action, romance and the twists along the way, it really has everything. I am a new fan of Bella Forrest’s and cannot wait to read A Shade of Blood. I highly recommend this book to all young adult fantasy romance readers.