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Security - Mandy Baggot WHOLLY COW! I loved loved loved this book so much. This story reminded me a little of The Bodyguard with Whitney and Kevin, but man the intenseness and intrigue had me turning the pages as quickly as I could. I adored the writing style of Mandy Baggot and cannot wait to pick up another book by this awesome author. The growth of Autumn was fantastic, see her turn the corner and discover what she was meant to be.Autumn Raine is a 26 year old singer that is extremely popular and extremely busy. After receiving a call from her Mother, Alison, Autumn has to meet her for drinks. This is the addition in Autumn’s schedule that changes the rest of her life forever.Apparently Alison has been receiving death threats and threats that Autumn is going to be kidnapped. So Alison has hired extra personal security for Autumn and he is the roughest most unkempt man Autumn has ever laid her eyes on. Nathan Regan is the best of the best and available for this easy job (or so he thinks), but he never expected to find a charge so uncooperative as Autumn.Autumn has had a life that she is used to, set in a particular routine and she has OCD. Always counting to 5, always sorting her food into portions and into 5s and a very nervous habit of opening and closing her purse when she’s stressed (always counting to 5). Now Nathan is in the picture and her schedule is non-existent. He has taken her away to hide from these threats and the kidnappers because they are very real.Nathan isn’t sure if the threats are locally based within Autumn’s group or if it is the known terrorist group As-Wana. But he is determined to use all of his skills to keep Autumn safe until the threat is gone. Even if this means kidnapping her himself, hiding her away on a secluded island and making sure she has no contact with her world.Autumn is beside herself, she is lost and out of control, something that she is not accustomed to and it feels horrible. But the more she gets to know Nathan, the more he lets her in, the more Autumn is determined to help find the threats and go back to her life once more. The feelings Autumn is starting to get for Nathan are becoming very real and very sharp.Can Nathan keep Autumn from being kidnapped? Will they discover who the threats are really and stop them? Who is the betrayer? What about Autumn’s boyfriend, Juan? Will Autumn act on her feelings for Nathan?This is one amazing book! I loved everything about it, all aspects were fantastic, the characters, poor Autumn with her insecurities about everything and poor Nathan, learn about his background and why he is a freelance bodyguard. This book has everything, action, intrigue, suspense, betrayal, loyalty, mystery, romance and heartache. The ending is superb and you I was left feeling extremely happy and satisfied, but I was crying with heartache beforehand. Highly recommend to all readers – AWESOME!