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Traitor (C I N, #2) - Christina Leigh Pritchard Traitor is a very intriguing and mysterious read; full of questions and twists along the way. It was still a great story adding the mystery of Alex and Ally and the history behind their immortality. The meaning of C I N is revealed, but is it the truth or a lie?Again this revolves around Lisa, Ally and Alex, but with the introduction of a bunch of new characters that only adds to the evolving twists and turns of their lives. Since Lisa was changed, she and Alex are starting to get on each other’s nerves. They are arguing, fighting and are having second thoughts. With each argument, emotions get intense causing weather anomalies with major destruction. Lisa is feeling guilty and really trying to control herself. After one particularly bad fight, Lisa goes into the garden and is approached by a couple that appear to be like Lisa.Lisa is kidnapped and held in a cell with a strange woman that claims she is the beginning of all like Lisa. While Lisa is captive she listens to this woman and her stories. Lisa tries to work everything out; the puzzle pieces are there, but they just won’t fit together. Is this secret cult real or was the beginning misleading her? Why is Alex keeping so many secrets if he truly loves her? Who is this other girl that was a part of Alex’s life? What is happening to Lisa and her abilities? Is she turning to the dark side? What is happening to Ally, why is her hair losing its colour?There are so many elements to this particular instalment and it took me a while to work out what to write in my review. There is a lot of backstory about a society and the discovery of the other beings like Lisa. Secrets are hidden, but if revealed could save them all. I didn't enjoy this one as much as the first, but it was still a good read with intriguing and mysterious qualities. I am looking forward to reading book 3 and finding out what is in store for Lisa and Alex next.