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Star Fire (The Knight Trilogy, #3) - Katie M. John So this is the third and final installment in the series and I am sad to see it end. I loved this series, it was unique and I fell in love with The Realm, Mina and Blake. Everything was just so wonderfully written and described in detail you felt like you were sitting among the characters.Mina and Blake returned from Egypt changed and both in different ways. Mina was inducted into the Star Fire Sisterhood and as such had to keep a deep dark secret from all. Blake never sleeps and Mina is worrying that something may be wrong.A murder takes place and Mina being what she is, is taken into custody and taken to the Templars headquarters in Switzerland. Blake must find The Holy Grail in order to free Mina and takes Sam along on the quest. Meanwhile, Delta undertakes a quest of her own to hunt down Mina's demon and travels through her past to discover what a family really means.Time is running out for Mina and the quests must end quickly. But will Blake be able to escape from Morgan with Sam and The Holy Grail? Can Delta destroy Mina's demon and free her from torment? Will love prevail?What a perfect way to end the trilogy. All the questions a reader has is answered in the end. This story is full of love, action and mystery. The story is told perfectly, easy to read and keeps the reader sitting on the edge of your seat. Wish the series could have gone longer, it was so much fun to read.