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The Fenians - Ross Collier This is another awesome read by Ross Collier. This is a fast paced, action packed journey, full of suspense and intrigue.Jack Summers is a press photographer and is at the right place at the right time. Covering the Australian Open an explosion erupts and while everybody is cowering in their seats, Jack is running up the aisles and reaches the sponsor box to take photos of the carnage. People have died and the Jack being the level headed guy he is takes charge. Jack was the only one to take exclusive shots of all the devastating destruction. And this is when Jack’s troubles start.Jack and his partner Tiny decide to make the most of this exclusive discovery. They are trying all the angles and getting all the information they can. While investigating they find something that has been hidden for over a century. A cult, The Fenians has been recruiting young university students to do their bidding. Jack and Tiny get themselves into a lot of trouble working the angles. They are threatened, beaten and all the while trying to make a mint with these photos. They are not the only ones chasing the exclusive discovery of who set of the bomb though. Who actually set the bomb off? Was it the Fenian’s or the enemy of the sponsor box owner?Being set in Melbourne, Australia, this book is dear to my heart. The storyline is full of intriguing characters and the detailing of events and investigations are remarkable. Ross has a way with his words; pulling the reader into the story and making you turn the pages until the end. I highly recommend this book to all lovers of suspenseful adventures. ~ Katie Turner (The Kindle Book Review)