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Plague & Poison (The Barefoot Healer #2) - Steven J. Pemberton This is a perfect follow on from Death and Magic and is just as fantastic. I love this adventure and all of the elements involved, it has it all. This is definitely a must read for all fantasy fans.Adramal has been employed by the Watch and helps investigate deaths within the city. She is doing well in her position until she is poisoned. Upon arriving home that night, she finds her father inside and the Commander of the Watch. They have decided it is not safe for her any longer and she must leave the city. It is all arranged; she will become a clerk in the Embassy and hide until everything is sorted out. But Adramal being Adramal, she is not far from finding trouble. Wizards are not well received in this new City and she must hide her abilities. One morning while travelling to work she finds a bunch of people on the sidewalk with a man on the ground. An injured person she must help and stops to see what she can do. This is the beginning of her adventure and the long journey that lay ahead. Whilst in prison she befriends another who is travelling from his village to get help from a plague. With a loop in the system, Adramal works out that she can be released as long as she travels to this plague ravished village.Adramal knows this cannot be a plague and investigates the patients, details and water supplies. As usual, trouble is not far behind. Adramal discovers things about the village that the Villagers didn’t even know. While investigating the plague, Adramal falls in love (again), follows her action packed journey and finds courage enough to fill the Villagers. This is another fantastic read from Steven, an amazingly written adventure that draws you in and makes you turn the pages. You just can’t help but fall in love with Adramal and her quirky ways. I highly recommend this series to ALL.Can't wait for Dust and Water the third installment.~ Katie Turner (The Kindle Book Review)