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The Forest of Adventures (Knight Trilogy, #1) - Katie M. John What an adventure! This is a wonderful adventure story for young adults. Set in the real world with the addition of fairy tale creatures. It all starts as a seemingly normal romance story, but then will escalate into a fantasy with Knights in shining armour and an evil sorceress, plus magic and myths. This is a wonderful story that is easy to read and it’s a page turner.Mina Singer is a typical teenager, she is in love with a boy and they have been together for two years. Everything is going to plan until one day a new student arrives at college. Blake is the most handsome boy she has ever seen and is instantly in love with him. Mina has guilty feelings about falling out of love with Sam, she continues to feel and see Blake without anyone knowing. Blake is old school and will not kiss or touch Mina until she has ended things with Sam; this makes him even more honourable in Mina's eyes.On one eventful evening, Blake was giving Mina a lift home and it was pouring with rain. The traffic was horrible and Blake decided to take another route. His car stalled and wouldn't start because of all the water, so they had to walk to get mobile phone signal. While walking in the forest, Blake was summoned the Morgan, the evil sorceress and asked to go on an adventure to recover a lost relic. Mina couldn't believe her eyes and this was the beginning of her adventure.I loved this book, the story was easy to follow and the characters weren't complicated. I loved the mix of romance and adventure. I can't wait to read the next in this trilogy, Immortal Beloved (book 2 Knight Trilogy). ~ Katie Turner (The Kindle Book Review)