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Sam, the Strawb Part - Scott Bury This was a beautifully written children’s book. Loved the story and can really see the children getting into it. Their imaginations are fantastic and I am sure there will be a lot of children pretending to be Sam, the Strawb Part.Sam is a young boy whom loves strawberries and uses his wits and cunning to steal strawberries from unsuspecting mothers at the grocery store. Because of his appearance they feel for Sam and hand over their strawberries. The East Canada Fruit (Fool) Company is not impressed and hires a pirate to capture and stop Sam from stealing all the strawberries. This is where the adventure begins. The chase sets off around the country and Sam is always one step ahead. This is Robin Hood meets Pirates of the Caribbean for a children’s book. Fantastic and another fantastic fact is that all proceeds of this book goes to charity, Children at Risk, a registered charity that supports families of children with autism spectrum disorders. What a wonderful cause, so please help support and read this lovely story.