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Goddess of the Sea (Goddess Summoning, #1) - P.C. Cast The Goddess Summoning books by PC Cast are a light entertaining read. Needed something easy to read and this was just perfect. As with all the Goddess Summoning books, this one is about a mortal woman being transferred into the immortal world.Goddess of the Sea, as the name suggest is about sea creatures and in particular Mermaids and Mermen. Christine or CC is in the Air Force and has been called to duty. She must fly across the globe to her destination and CC does not like flying (understandable). CC turns 25 and everybody forgets her birthday, unhappy about this she decides to have a fun night by herself. She drinks 2 bottles of champagne, eats a bucket of fried chicken and decides to cast a spell to wish for magic in her life. Unbeknownst to CC, the Goddess Gaea is listening.The next few days CC goes about her routine preparing for her trip. On the place her nerves escalate and a Captain befriends her and helps calms her nerves. Something goes wrong and CC finds herself in the water, the next thing she is being dragged down into the depths and thinks she is going to die.A beautiful mermaid puts a protective bubble around them and CC's soul is switched into the mermaids body. She is transported back into the medieval times and the Mermaid in CC's body has taken over her life in the current time.CC doesn't know what is happening. To help protect CC, the Goddess Gaea shows herself and casts a spell, CC will become human, but every 3rd night must return to the sea and change into her mermaid body. The only way to break the spell is to find true love.....CC has the trials of being back in medieval times, no plumbing, women are regarded as possessions and not to be seen or heard. CC befriends the women on the island and they help her cope with the changes. CC must decide whom her heart belongs to and what her future holds.This book was a delight. An easy romance with mermaids, mermen and knights in shining Armour. Recommend to all romance lovers, another great read from PC Cast.