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Feast of Fools (The Morganville Vampires, #4) - Rachel Caine Of course this was another action packed installment of the Morganville Vampire series. Claire found herself in danger throughout the whole book. She seems to have a knack for attracting trouble. Shane doesn't help her situation either. Amelie's father arrived & has decided to take over the town. Oliver is now on Amelie's side, which means that when in trouble Claire can call either of them. Oliver still misbehaves of course, but he is now tolerable. Michael has decided go start playing music in public again. Evryone was excited & they were awestruck by his appearance & talent. Claire is still researching & trying to find a cure to the vampire disease. Is now getting help from a doctor at the hospital, which is a relief, but another thing for Claire go worry about. Claires parents are now living in Morganville too. Tld Claire she had to move in with them, but she has refused, much to the disgust of her father. While Shane is shill trying to keep Claire innocent, but are testing their boundaries. The tension between them is unbearable. How long will it last?Amelie is throwing a ball in honor of her father, Mr Bishop. All vampires are to attend & must bring a human to the ball. Claire isn't invited & has been told to stay away. Michael won't take Eve & is taking their enemy, Monica. Eve talks go Oliver & talks him into taking her to the ball. Shane is invited by Bishops other daughter Ysandre, much to Claire's horror. She has put horrible thoughts inside Shane's head. With the new cure, Myrnin has convinced Claire that he his well & they will attend the ball together. She is desperate to attend to keep am eye on her friends, that she agrees to go. Claire wants to make sure her friends are kept safe. At the ball, all eyes turn the Claire & Myrnin when they are announced. Everyone is surprised. The festivities seem to be going ok, until the vampires are called to present their human gifts to Bishop. Sam, Michael & Myrnin won't honor Bishop with their following. Ysandre grabs Claire by the throat & chokes her. Everyone comes to her rescue, except Myrnin who slashes Bishop & takes off. Claire is horrified & feels betrayed by Myrnin. Mayhem breaks loose, Bishop has paid off a lot of vampires in town who are now attacking everyone. It all happens so quick, that Bishop stabs Amelie in the heart, then everything stands still. A large group escape back to the Glass house. The next drama is getting blood for Amelie. Bishop has set fire to e blood bank & ruined other supplies from around the town. The Bloodmobile arrives & the humans start donating before becoming dinner themselves. Amelie is feelig better & starts giving orders, they are going to try take back the town.