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4* Book Review of Right As Rain by Tricia Stringer

Summary: Mackenna Birch thinks she's met the man of her dreams while on holiday in New Zealand. Adam Walker is funny, kind and loving but he walks out on her, or so she thinks...

Hiding from a broken heart, Mackenna returns to the family farm in Australia. Then, out of the blue Adam returns. He’s made the trip Down Under to visit his sick grandfather and to track down Mackenna.

When he turns up on her doorstep to profess his love and find out why she ran out on him, Mackenna finds herself questioning his love for her...

Title: Right As Rain
Series: N/A - standalone
Author: Tricia Stringer
Publisher: Harlequin MIRA
Released: 1st December 2013
Genre: Australian Rural Romance
Format: Paperback
Source: Harlequin Enterprises Australia - thank you

I am hooked on Australian rural books at the moment and thought I would pick up my first Patricia Stringer novel. The premise was very intriguing with Mackenna meeting the one in New Zealand, but then being walked out on. My favourite character would be Hugh and I feel horrible for all the drama that he has had to endure. I look forward to reading more from Ms Stringer, with Dreamboat Point due out in December.

Mackenna Birch (Mack) is a thirty-two year old that has escaped the farm life and gone off around the world on a six week holiday. Towards the end, she visits New Zealand and meets Adam Walker, a chef that travels around for work. They hit it off immediately and Mack thinks he is the one. Spending a whole week together doing the touristy thing, Mack is in love. Until one morning, she wakes up with no Adam beside her, no message or notes, just gone.

Mack returns home early and her family is surprised but nonetheless happy to see her back. Although farm life will be changed now after her father had a heart-attack. Mack is still confused as to what is wrong with her mother; she’s giving Mack the cold shoulder and trying to get her to leave the farm life to use her chef qualifications.

Hugh McDonald is also back in town, back with his parents and helping around the district as an Agricultural Consultant. He has three older brothers that all have wives and children, but Hugh has been hiding from them all and his past. Hugh, Mack and Carol all grew up and went off to college together; now though, Hugh rarely comes home and hasn’t seen Mack for years.

Mack’s parents have hired a farm hand, Cam Martin and she’s concerned Cam isn’t farm material. Mack’s parents have changed their plans and want Mack to have a life away from the farm, they don’t want her tied to the farm her whole life; they want her to have a family. It’s a man’s job and they want her brother, Patrick to take over.

Mack is hurt by her parent’s plans and knows that Patrick hasn’t ever been interested in running the farm that has always been Mack’s dream. Mack has big dreams and ideas for the farm, but now what will happen?

How will Mack convince her parents that she wants to take over the farm? What happened with Hugh for him not to want to be back in the district? Why did Adam really leave Mack that morning? Does Patrick really want to run the farm?

Adam turns up on their doorstep and Mack is confused, but won’t give him the time of day. Cam is giving Mack the creeps and Yasmine is introduced. I loved Yasmine, she was so fun and surprising. Right As Rain certainly was entertaining, mysterious and a very good read.




About the Author

Tricia Stringer grew up on a farm in country South Australia and has spent most of her life in rural communities, which is where she loves to be. She is the mother of three wonderful children and their partners and is lucky enough to be a nanna.

Tricia has filled various roles in her local community, owned a post office and bookshop and spent many years in education. She and her husband, Daryl, currently live in the beautiful Copper Coast region.

Tricia loves to walk on the beach and travel to and across Australia’s vast array of communities and landscapes. A sense of place in her stories is very important.

Reading and writing have always been a focus in Tricia’s life. It was a yearning to write stories which would bring local history alive for children that started Tricia on the journey to develop her writing skills and begin to write for younger readers.

She completed a Diploma in Children’s Writing from the Australian College of Journalism in 2000 and since that time has been continually honing her writing by taking part in courses, attending conferences and workshops and critiquing for fellow writers.

Tricia is now the author of several published books. In 2013 her first book under Harlequin Australia’s Mira label, Queen of the Road, won the Romance Writers of Australia Romantic Book of the Year Award. Her second book with Harlequin is, Right as Rain and her third, Riverboat Point, will be released in December.

She’s delighted her portrayal of rural Australia is enjoyed by many. It’s her goal to bring the country to readers. She also finds great enjoyment in bringing history to life in her stories for children. There’s always another tale to be written. Thus said, she is currently working on her next manuscript.